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GrateSafe® for Standing Seam

GrateSafe® Standing Seam Metal Roof Walkways

CSI Division 07-7246 Safe Rooftop Walk Products & Handrail

GrateSafe® Standing Seam Metal Roof Walkways provide safe access to rooftop equipment while eliminating damage to roof panels from foot traffic. Attaches with S-5! Clamps that do not penetrate the standing seam roof panels. System features 18 GA galvanized steel planks, pierced and punched for a sturdy, anti-skid surface. Planks are 12″ wide x 10′ long and interlock so walkways can install in various widths. In addition, optional OSHA-compliant handrail and toe kick integrate seamlessly. The GrateSafe® walkway system ships complete and is compatible with any standing seam roof. Orders include CAD drawing with support locations, roof attachments and overall walkway layout.

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GrateSafe™ Metal Rooftop Walkway System Specifications

Planking Material 18 GA Steel – 10′ Long, 1′ wide, 2-1/2″ high
Pierced and punched anti-skid surface
Interlocking plank system provides for walkway widths in 12″ increments
Supports 14 GA Galvanized Steel Hat/M-Channels
14 GA Plank Splice Plates
14 GA Plank Ledgers (Directional Changes)
14 GA Doubler Bracket for Handrail Base Fittings
14 GA Elevated ridge condition crossings
Handrail Fittings Kee Klamp® iron cast fittings manufactured to the requirements of ASTM A47-77-32510. Hex set screws firmly lock the pipe into the fitting. Set screws are manufactured in case hardened steel and are protected against corrosion by Kee Koat®.
Handrail Pipe Schedule 40 Galvanized Pipe
Nominal pipe size 1.66” O.D. and 0.140” nominal wall thickness
Mounting Hardware M-Washers with long-life fasteners secure planks to supports
S-5! Clamps secure supports/planking to roof panel (no panel penetrations)
Bolts/nuts supplied for all handrail fittings & planks
Finish Options Galvanized, Powder Coat, Kynar
Certifications Engineering calcs, stamped submittals (additional costs apply)
Warranty 1 Year


Toe Kick 14 GA Toe Kick – 6″ high
Access Gate Swinging access gate for entry point(s)
Cross-overs Cross-over stairs for pipe crossings or other obstructions
Pitch-Correction For perpendicular rooftop walkway runs
HVAC perimeter access service platform
Mechanical mounting platforms

GrateSafe™ Metal Rooftop Walkway System Model Guide

Provide roof panel make, model, seam spacing and pitch when requesting quote. Include Rooftop Walkway System layout plan when available.

Model W Panel Type Seam Spacing Finish Options (add all that apply)
  • SSR: Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof
  • VSSR: Vertical Standing Seam Roof
  • 16
  • 18
  • 24
  • 42
  • User Defined
  • M: Mill
  • P: Powder Coat
  • K: Kynar


  • TK: Toe Kick
  • HR1: Handrail one side
  • HR2: Handrail two sides
  • PC: Pitch correction (perpendicular runs only)


RW-24SSR-24-M-HR1: 24″ wide walkway on a trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof, mill finish and handrail on one side.

Model Description LBS / Lineal Foot
RW-24 24″ Wide Walkway 13 LBS / LF
RW-24-HR1 24″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on One Side 23 LBS / LF
RW-24-HR2 24″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on Two Sides 33 LBS / LF
RW-36 36″ Wide Walkway 15 LBS / LF
RW-36-HR1 36″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on One Side 25 LBS / LF
RW-36-HR2 36″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on Two Sides 35 LBS / LF
RW-48 48″ Wide Walkway 17 LBS / LF
RW-48-HR1 48″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on One Side 27 LBS / LF
RW-48-HR2 48″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail on Two Sides 37 LBS / LF


Model Model Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty
24″ Wide GrateSafe Walkway RW-24SSR PDF WORD PDF PDF
24″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail RW-24SSR-HR PDF WORD PDF PDF
36″ Wide Walkway RW-36 PDF WORD PDF PDF
36″ Wide Walkway w/ Handrail RW-36-HR PDF WORD PDF PDF
Perimeter Handrail System PHR PDF WORD
Plank Detail PLK PDF WORD

Engineering calcs, stamped submittals available upon request (additional costs apply)

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