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Cold Storage

ExoVent Cold | Heat & Smoke Ventilators for Cold Storage

The R&S High-R Cold Storage Smoke Vent is for cold storage buildings that require smoke ventilation. Product features 6″ R-39 insulation and a complete thermally-broken design that eliminates interior condensation. Operates with (2) UL listed fusible links which melt at preset temperatures and opens the lids. Optional McCabe re-settable links operate the same way but also include electronic activation. Includes high performance gas springs and a custom latching system rated for a 90 PSF uplift. Interior and exterior release with hold open arms that lock the vent in the open position. Lids open against a 10 PSF live load.

The cold storage smoke vent includes curbs that fit any metal building roof panel. Self-flashing caps are also available for conventional roofs. Vent lid are aluminum with 6″ insulation. Curb comes standard in aluminum with a cost-saving galvanized steel option. Mill finish comes standard but may include a powder coat or Kynar custom color finish as specified. Various sizes available.

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Material 0.063″/0.080″ aluminum lid and curb
Optional galvanized steel curb
EnergyShield Polyiso Rigid Insulation – QTY (6) @ 1″ Thick R39
Construction Mitered corners, fully welded seams
Full perimter EPDM bulb gasket mechanically secured to top flange
12″ high curb
Thermally Broken Inside to Outside surfaces
Operation UL Listed Fusible Link activation temperatures (F): 165, 212, 286, 370, 520
Interior and exterior opening provisions
Gas Springs Low spring rate nitrogen gas springs for smooth operation. Black cathodic epoxy finish
Pitch Non-pitch corrected, slopes with roof
Finish Aluminum mill finish
Powder coat (standard colors or custom)
Kynar (exact match)
Accessories 14 GA backer-channel
Sealants, fasteners
Warranty 5 Years

Metal Building – Type Seam Clip/Layover Side Flanges

Standard design features with seam-to-seam / layover side flanges. Highest level of weather-tightness for metal building applications.

Curb Up-slope Flange installs under panel
Panel closures welded
4″ high water diverter
Curb Down-slope Flange installs over panel
Caps (straps) welded or shipped loose
Minimum 3″ down-slope flange
Curb Side Flanges Seam-to-seam, integrates with roof panel
Minimum 3″ between curb sidewall and panel seam

Metal Building – Type Flat Side Flanges

Standard design features with flat side flanges. Lower cost option.

Curb Up-slope Flange installs under panel
Panel closures welded
4″ high water diverter
Curb Down-slope Flange installs over panel
Caps (straps) welded or shipped loose
Minimum 3″ down-slope flange
Curb Side Flanges 3″ flat flange
Minimum 3″ between curb sidewall and panel seam

Conventional / Built Up Roofs

Standard design features with 3″ flat flange and self-flashing provisions

Base Flanges 3″ flat perimter base flange
Self-Flashing Provisions Perimeter cap flashing accepts roof material


McCabe Link McCabe resettable Link offers thermal / electronic activation of release. Provides flexible integration with existing fire safety equipment. Simplifies required annual testing process as no cutting is required. Can be electronically activated from ground level.
Stainless Steel Hardware Hinge and clevis pin assembly constructed of type 316 stainless steel for ultimate protection against corrosion

Hi R Non-Listed Automatic Smoke Vent – Model Guide

Model WxL Base Material Base Type Link Type Link Temp Options (list all that apply)
DLSH Hi R AL: Aluminum

ST: G-90 Galvanized Steel

SS: Stainless Steel

SF: Self Flashing

CM: Curb Mount

MB: Metal Building Flat Flange

MBSC: Metal Building Seam Clip

MBLO: Metal Building Layover

F: Fusible Link

M: McCabe Re-settable Link






SS: Stainless Steel Hardware

FP: Fall Protection Screen


Example: DLSH Hi R-6096-AL-MBSC-F165-FP is a non-listed high R automatic heat and smoke vent with a solid lid, aluminum construction with an integral seam clip metal building curb, a fusible 165F link, and integral fall protection screen

Standard Sizes And Shipping Weights

Non-Listed High R Smoke Vent Models

Model Inside Clear Opening Weight (Steel) Weight (Aluminum) Open Capacity Lid Uplift Capacity
DLSH-Hi R-6060 60″ x 60″ 850 lbs 600 lbs 10 PSF 90 PSF
DLSH-Hi R-6072 60″ x 72″ 950 lbs 665 lbs 10 PSF 90 PSF
DLSH-Hi R-6090 60″ X 90″ 1100 lbs 770 lbs 10 PSF 90 PSF
DLSH-Hi R-6096 60″ x 96″ 1150 lbs 800 lbs 10 PSF 90 PSF

Non-Listed Smoke and Heat Vents

Product Description Model Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty


Options Model Submittal Specifications Installation
Security Bars Type 1 SB-1 PDF WORD
Security Bars Type 2 SB-2 PDF WORD
Security Bars Type 3 SB-3 PDF WORD

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