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Metal Building Skylights

Metal Building Skylights & Fall Protection Screens

R&S Metal Building Skylights optimize the natural daylight of any low-rise commercial or warehouse space. Our skylight systems include everything needed for a complete install. This includes a metal building roof curb, OSHA-compliant fall protection screen, curb liners and mounting hardware. With over 50 years’ experience in the metal building industry, we provide metal roof skylight solutions that, when installed correctly, will not leak.

Benefits of Metal Roof Skylights

Our skylight on metal roof solution provides an effective way to brighten the interior spaces of any facility. This low-cost, natural light solution increases indoor visibility during daylight hours. Daylighting studies have demonstrated improvements in worker productivity and morale, increased customer purchases in retail environments and a boost in academic performance in schools. It also reduces the electricity costs of lighting up the space with artificial light. For a more comfortable interior working environment, whether for a warehouse, school or other commercial building, consider the benefits of skylights for metal roofs.

As an energy-efficient and impact resistant natural lighting solution, our metal building skylights can change the brightness level within your interior environment and enhance any facility’s operations.

Fall Protection Screens

R&S also offers OSHA-Compliant fall protection screens for flat light panels (LTP). These kits include all sealants and mounting hardware.

WORRY-FREE PURCHASE EXPERIENCE: All skylight for metal roof systems and fall protection products undergo testing and certification to insure the highest level of performance and safety. View our product listings for more information.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – Our free consultation services can help you design a daylighting plan that meets lighting requirements and National Energy Code standards. Contact Us to learn more.

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R&S manufactures a vast array of products to fit your project needs. We aim to supply all of your metal building roof accessory needs, not just one product. Why go to multiple vendors when R&S can supply it all?