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Roof Curbs

Custom Rooftop Curbs – Roof Curbs for HVAC and Exhaust

The highest potential for leaks on commercial and industrial roofs is around roof penetration areas, including where rooftop equipment or other accessories are installed. Roof metal building curbs solve this problem. With a properly designed, manufactured, and installed roof curb, penetrations can remain leak-free for many years. Fan, vent, skylight, and HVAC roof curb are commonly found on metal building roofs to seal these penetration areas.

As experienced roof curb manufacturers, R&S Roof Products offers metal building roof curbs that fit any Standing Seam, R-Panel, or insulated metal panel roof. They are available in aluminum, zinc-coated steel, or stainless steel to accommodate the climate conditions in your area and your budget. We also offer finishing options with our roofing curbs, whether mill or custom color.

Roof Curb Features

All curbs feature continuous seam welds. Side flanges nest with the roof panel, resulting in a complete watertight seal. Metal roof curbs come standard with 1″ foil-face rigid insulation (R6.5). High R-values are available upon request.

Custom Curb Packages and Engineering Support

Curb packages ship with all accessories for a complete curb install, including GSSI MB10A triple bead sealant tape. Our engineers are industry experts at quoting curb packages that will meet your project requirements on time and on budget.

Your Rooftop Curb Professionals

Whether you need roof curbs for HVAC, roof curbs for exhaust fans, or roof curbs for other roof penetrations areas, we have you covered.

All of our aluminum curbs include a 20-Year Warranty.

Do you need roof curbs for your roof equipment? We provide roof curbs for the following applications:

HVAC | Roof Fans | Gravity Vents | Skylights | Equipment Access | Other Rooftop Equipment

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