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RS36 R-Panel Daylighting

RS36 Skyline Series – Integrated Daylighting Systems for R-Panel Roofs

The RS36 is an excellent alternate to the flat style “LTP” skylights used to provide daylighting on an R-Panel roof. The RS36 offers superb lighting, does not yellow and will provide uncompromising safety via an integrated, factory-installed, OSHA-compliant fall protection screen.

The RS36 skylight system is engineered to integrate with 12″ R-Panel/High-Rib roof. Therefore, the curb dimensions allow the unit to be installed in the same footprint as LTP models.  Perfect for retrofit or new construction projects!

Safety & performance at a lower installed cost versus standard skylight and safety screen alternative.

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Skylight Glazing Options

Outer Glazing Inner Glazing Frame VLT
White Acrylic Clear Acrylic (Optional) 0.080″ Aluminum Cap 70%
White Prismatic Acrylic Clear Acrylic (Optional) 0.080″ Aluminum Cap 70%

Curb Specifications

Materials 0.063″ aluminum (non-insulated) curb
0.080″ retaining cap for skylight dome
Construction Full penetration welds, thoroughly tested
Mitered corners for true square top
Curb Up-Slope Up-slope installs under panel
Integrated water cricket
Curb Down-Slope Flange installs over panel
Curb Side Flanges Extends to both adjacent high ribs (36″ total curb width)
Accessories (Included) RS36 Base
Skylight with selected glazing
2-1/2″ triple bead mastic
Polyurethane Sealant
Long-life self drillers / shoulder screws
Finish Aluminum mill finish
Powder coat (standard colors or custom)
Kynar (exact match)
Warranty 20 Years (Curb)
5 Years No-Leak (Skylight Dome)


Fall Protection Screen OSHA-compliant galvanized steel screen
Security Bars 1/2″ thick steel bars (various options)

RS24/32 Integrated Daylighting System Model Guide

Provide roof panel make, model when requesting quote.

Model WxL Glazing Outer Dome Inner Dome
RS 36 1: Single Dome (Standard)

2: Double Dome (Upgrade)

WA: White Acrylic (Standard)

WAP: White Acrylic Prismatic (Upgrade)

CA: Clear Acrylic (Upgrade)

Example: RS36-1WA. Single dome skylight and curb using standard white acrlic domes.

Standard Sizes and Shipping Weights

Model Inside Curb Opening Roof Unit Weight
RS36-Single Dome
w/ Fall Protection
27″ x 112″ 12″ O.C. R-Panel / High-Rib 75 LBS
RS36-Double Dome
w/ Fall Protection
27″ x 112″ 12″ O.C. R-Panel / High-Rib 80 LBS


Product Description Model Submittal Specs Installation Warranty
R-Panel Single Dome RS36-WA PDF PDF PDF
R-Panel Double Dome RS36-WA-CA PDF PDF PDF

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