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Roof Access Hatch: Self Flashing

Self-Flashing Roof Access Hatch

R&S Roof Hatch for safe roof access via interior fixed ladder. This Self-Flashed model is ideal for conventional built-up or membrane roof systems. Roof Access Hatches feature a perimeter cap-flashing and a 3.5″ mounting flange so installation is straight-forward. Common sizes are 2′-6″ x 3′ and 3′ x 3′.

Our roof hatches are 14-gauge galvanized steel for ultimate durability. White powder coat finish comes standard. Curbs include 1″ (R6.5) insulation with higher R-Values also available. The perimeter rubber gasket insures long-term protection against leaks. Gas springs with dampers deliver smooth and controlled lift assistance. Hold open arm with vinyl grip locks lid in open position. All Roof Hatches include interior and exterior padlocks with concealed hardware for complete security. Several options are available; for example: aluminum construction, custom color finish, custom size, integral OSHA-compliant safety rail and safety post (ladder-up). Lastly, replacement parts are readily available and easy to install.

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  • 14 GA steel (standard)
  • 0.125 aluminum (option)
  • 1″ Rigid Insulation R7.2 (higher R-Values available)
  • Integrated perimeter cap-flashing
  • 3.5″ flat perimeter mounting flange
  • Steel: 14 GA galvanized with 22 GA galvanized steel liner (standard)
  • Aluminum: 0.125″ cover with 0.040″ aluminum liner (option)
Gasket EPDM rubber gasket secured to lid
  • 12 GA galvanized steel / stainless steel hinge pins
  • Option: Stainless Steel
  • 12 GA galvanized slam latch
  • Interior / exterior manual release
  • Integrated padlock hasp
Dimensions 12″ high curb
Grasp Inside grasp handle to assist closing
Lift Gas spring(s)
  • Aluminum / steel mill finish
  • Powder coat (standard colors or custom)
  • Kynar (exact match)
  • Safety Post (Ladder Up)
  • Hand railing / access gate
  • Fixed steel or aluminum ladder
Tolerance 30 PSF Uplift, 40 PSF Live Load
Warranty 5-Years


Daylight Model Domed lid for natural daylighting
Pitch Corrected Level top as specified

Roof Access Hatch Model Guide

Model LxWxH Material Base Type Hatch Top Finish Options (add all that apply)
RAH 12″ Typ (Minimum)
  • A: Aluminum
  • G: Galvanized Steel
  • S: Stainless Steel
  • SF: Self-Flashing
  • CM: Curb Mount
  • MB: Metal Building
  • S: Slope w/ Roof (Typ)
  • L: Level
  • M: Mill
  • P: Powder Coat
  • K: Kynar
DT: Skylight Dome Lid


RAH-3636×12-A-SFS-P: 36″ x 36″ clear opening, 12″ high curb. Aluminum construction with self-flashing provision, slope-mounted with a powder coat finish.

Standard Sizes And Shipping Weights

Model Inside Clear Opening Weight Aluminum (LBS) Weight Steel (LBS) Live Load (PSF)
3030 30″ x 30″ 140 185 40
3036 30″ x 36″ 145 190 40
3048 30″ x 48″ 175 200 40
3054 30″ x 54″ 160 210 40
3096 30″ x 96″ 165 220 40
3636 36″ x 36″ 150 200 40
4242 42″ x 42″ 160 210 40
4848 48″ x 48″ 165 220 40

Documents (+)

Product Description Model Submittal Specs Installation Warranty
Self-Flashing Roof Hatch Aluminum RAH-A-SF PDF WORD PDF PDF
Self-Flashing Roof Hatch Steel RAH-S-SF PDF WORD PDF PDF

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