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ST Hooded Intake-Relief

ST Hooded Intake-Relief Ventilator

Intake or relief non-powdered ventilators operate on pressure differential between the inside and outside of the building. The functional design comes in a wide array of sizes to accommodate your project’s CFM requirements. Also, the low profile shape is comparable to more expensive models while yielding the same/similar benefits at a reduced price.

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Standard Design Specifications

Design Angled inner surface of hood promotes optimized airflow by reducing pressure loss. See submittal for CFM performance data.
Base 18 GA galvanized steel
Long side of curb parallel to ridge/peak
Throat Sizes 12″-96″ (various length & width configurations)
Frame 18 GA Galvanized Steel
Hood 22 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Crowned hood for watershed
Seamed center on larger models
Screen 1/2″ mesh 0.063″ aluminum or 1/2″ mesh 19 GA galvanized steel
Pitched Base Pitch-corrected for level appearance when specified
Finish Mill Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Powder Coat or Kynar
Warranty Galvanized Steel: 1 Year
Aluminum: 5 Years

St Hooded Ventilator Options

Backdraft Damper – Gravity or Motorized Applicable for intake or relief. Non-motorized operates on pressure differential. Low velocity intake or relief conditions require motorized damper operation (optional). Review backdraft damper documentation to determine if motorized application is required for the project.
Insect Screen Replace standard bird screen with insect screen when specified
Aluminum Construction Frame / Curb: 0.080″ Aluminum in lieu of 18 GA Galvanized
Hood: 0.040″ Aluminum in lieu of 22 GA Galvanized

St Hooded Ventilator Model Guide

Model Throat Width Throat Length G
ST Material

  • G=Galvanized
  • A=Aluminum
  • S=Stainless

  • M=Mill
  • S=Special Color or Finish
Backdraft Damper Option

  • GBD=Gravity Operated Backdraft Damper
  • MBD=Motorized Backdraft Damper


Special Features

  • I=Insect Screen


ST-3648-GM-GBD is a 36″x48″ throat size, constructed with galvanized steel and with a gravity-operated backdraft damper

Standard Sizes and Shipping Weights

See submittals for specific sizes and shipping weights.

Model Throat Width Throat Length (Range) Throat Area (Range) Hood Length (Range) Hood Width (Range) Net Weight GALV (LBS) Range) Net Weight ALUM (LBS)
ST12 12 12-120 1.0-10.0 SF 20-120 20-24 18-130 15-91
ST14 14 14-120 1.4-11.7 24-134 24-28 27-175 19-123
ST16 16 16-120 1.8-13.3 26-135 26-31 27-186 19-130
ST18 18 18-120 2.3-15.0 30-138 30-36 39-225 27-158
ST20 20 20-120 2.8-16.7 32-138 32-38 39-250 27-175
ST24 24 24-120 4.0-20.0 40-144 40-46 87-380 61-266
ST30 30 30-120 6.2-25.0 50-143 50-55 118-375 83-263
ST36 36 36-120 9.0-11.0 60-143 60-65 184-480 129-336
ST42 42 42-120 12.2-35.0 68-152 68-74 239-595 167-417
ST48 48 48-120 16.0-40.0 77-155 77-83 287-640 201-448


Product Description Model Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty
Model ST Intake-Relief Vent ST PDF PDF
Options Model Submittal
Backdraft Damer (Greenheck) BD PDF

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