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Unit Skylights

Unit Skylights

R&S Unit Skylights are designed and constructed to fit both metal building and built-up roofs. Popular sizes include 4×8 skylights and 4×4 skylights. When a curb is included with your order, flanges are customized to fit any metal building roof profile, or the unit can be equipped with flat perimeter flanges for conventional built-up roof systems.  OHSA Compliant Fall Protection can be added as well.

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Skylight Glazing Options

Outer Glazing Inner Glazing Frame U-Factor* SHGC* VLT
Clear Acrylic Prismatic White Acrylic Prismatic Thermally Broken – Poured and Debridged (0.070 Alum) 0.65 0.50 0.70
Smooth White Polycarbonate Smooth Clear Polycarbonate Thermally Broken – Poured and Debridged (0.070 Alum) 0.70 0.26 0.60


Frame & Cap AAMA-compliant poured and debridged
6063 0.070″ extruded aluminum
Finish Aluminum mill finish
Certifications AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08
TAS 201 (Impact), 202 (Uniform Pressure) & 203 (Cyclic Pressure)
Miami-Dade NOA (Polycarbonate Model)
Warranty 5 Years


Fall Protection Screen OSHA-compliant galvanized steel screen
Security Bars 1/2″ thick steel bars (various options)

Factory-Sized Roof Curb

  • Factory sized to accommodate skylight dimension
  • 18 GA aluminized steel or 0.80 aluminum
  • Custom flanges integrate w/any metal roof profile
  • Optional flat flange curb for built-up roofs
  • Interior bright white liner for optimal lighting
  • For more details visit the Roof Curbs Section

RS Unit Skylights Model Guide

Provide roof panel make, model when requesting quote.

Model WxL Frame Glazing Outer Dome Inner Dome Application Options
  • ATB: Aluminum Thermally Broken
  • ASF: Aluminum Standard Frame
    • 1: Single Dome
    • 2: Double Dome
    • 3: Triple Dome


  • CAP: Clear Acrylic Prismatic
  • CPS: Clear Polycarbonate Smooth
  • WHS: White Heatstop Smooth
  • WAP: White Acrylic Prismatic
  • CAP: Clear Acrylic Prismatic
  • WPS: White Polycarbonate Smooth
  • CAS: Clear Acrylic Smooth
  • MB: Includes Metal Building Curb
  • CM: No Curb, Mounts to Any Curb Type Including Conventional Built-up Roof Curbs
  • LVR: Louvered
  • OPR: Operable




Thermally Broken Frame: poured an debridged frame eliminates interior condensation
Standard Frame: lower cost option where condensation is not a concern
U-Factor: a measure of the heat transmission through skylight; lower number indicates better insulation
SHCG (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient): a measure of solar radiation admitted through the skylight; lower number indicates less heat transfer
Energy Code Compliant: meets the most strigent U-Factor & SHGC requirements without interior lighting controls
Miami-Dade NOA: meets high wind / hurricane requirements as specified by Miami-Dade County
Louvered: includes louvered section beneath skylight for building ventilation

Standard Sizes and Shipping Weights

Model Inside Curb Opening Unit Weights
RS4848 48″ x 48″ 42
RS4896 48″ x 96″ 66
RS3696 36″ x 96″ 47
RS36120 36″ x 120″ 50
RS2460 24″ x 60″ 30
RS24120 24″ x 120″ 45
RS3260 32″ x 60″ 36
RS32120 32″ x 120″ 60


Product Description Model Submittal Specs Installation Warranty
Acrylic Prismatic
Thermally Broken Frame
Acrylic Prismatic
Thermally Broken Frame
Polycarbonate Smooth
Thermally Broken Frame
(Miami-Dade NOA)
Polycarbonate Smooth
Thermally Broken Frame
(Miami-Dade NOA)
Options Model Submittal Specs Installation Warranty
Fall Protection Screen SCRN-GAL-CM PDF
Security Bars Type 1 SB-1 PDF  WORD
Security Bars Type 2 SB-2 PDF  WORD
Security Bars Type 3 SB-3 PDF  WORD


Listing for Prismatic Double Dome Skylight

  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 (Water, Air, Pressure)
  • Design Pressure: +60 / -60 PSF Polycarbonate Double Dome Skylight
  • View AAMA Listings

Listing for Polycarbonate Double Dome Skylight

  • 0.118″/ 0.118″ POLYCARBONATE, Curb Mount and Metal Curb
  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 (Water, Air, Pressure)
  • View AAMA Listings


  • The ONLY metal building daylight system of its kind with both an integrated base and skylight rating
  • Metal building or wood curb-mount applications
  • Ultra reinforced Polycarbonate tested and approved to meet Miami-Dade / Broward County code
  • Resistant against hail, wind-born debris and high pressure change conditions

Listing for Polycarbonate Double Dome Skylight

  • 0.118″/ 0.118″ POLYCARBONATE, Curb Mount and Metal Curb
  • TAS 201 (Impact), 202 (Uniform Pressure) & 203 (Cyclic Pressure)
  • Design Pressure: +40 / -60 PSF
  • Florida Building Code Compliant (1620, 1626)
  • View Miami-Dade County NOA

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