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We are roof curb experts with over 60 years’ experience fabricating rooftop accessories. R&S manufactures high quality aluminum and steel curbs built to your requirements. Our team takes the time to understand your project to provide the most economical solution possible.

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1. Super Fast Response

Response time within 1 hour during regular business hours to confirm receipt and gather any additional information needed.

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Receive your quote within 1-2 business days. Our Estimators are available to discuss and refine your quote.

Submittal Drawings
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Full submittal drawings are sent prior to the release of your order. Continuous support from quote to fulfillment and beyond.

Our typical curb packages includes:

Our typical curb package include:

  • Fully welded and insulated roof curb to your project requirements.
  • Backer-Channel system for a weathertight seal (PEMB projects).
  • Fasteners, mastic, and sealants to complete the installation.
  • Curb accessories like duct patricians (hangers), damper shelves and interior liners.
  • Installation guide, manufacturer’s warranty and close out docs.

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What You Need To Know – A few of our commonly asked questions

Aluminum vs Galvanized steel, which is better?

For most applications, we recommend aluminum curbs for their ability to significantly reduce weight and prevent corrosion. However, galvanized steel curbs are a suitable alternative for high-load applications or when working within a tight budget.

Can you fabricate a roof curb to fit my specific metal roof panel?

We have an extensive catalog of metal building roof profiles, spanning several decades. If you can provide the make and model of your roof panel, we’ll ensure a perfect, weathertight fit. If panel details are unavailable, no worries—we’ll provide a template to gather the essential dimensions for custom fabrication. Either way, we have you covered.

What are the different types of roof curbs offered for metal building roofs?

When selecting the appropriate roof curb for your metal building, there are three primary options available, each with distinct benefits and specific considerations:

Seam Clip (Standing Seam) or Layover (High-Rib Screw Down) Curbs offer maximum protection against water leakage. The side flanges extend to the next natural high, eliminating fasteners in the water plane. This curb design is best when there is some flexibility with the install location as the rib cups are welded in place.

Standard Flange Curbs are the most economical alternative. These curbs come with standard 3″ side flanges that are attached in the flat of the roof panel. A unique benefit of the standard flange curbs is the option to include Loose Rib Cups, which allow for lateral adjustments during installation.

Internal Flange Curbs feature a base flange that bends inward, contrasting with the outward bend of most other curbs. This style is often favored by builders erecting Butler and Varco Pruden buildings. The curb design includes all necessary subframe systems. We advise this option for builders familiar with installing this specific curb type.

Can a curb be fabricated to a specific size and height?

We’re fully equipped to fabricate curbs to your specified dimensions. Whether you have exact measurements, a mechanical schedule, or need guidance based on our industry expertise, we make ordering customized curbs straightforward.

Does R&S offer curb adapters for pipe penetrations?

We can supply square to round adapters called collar tops to handle round pipe penetrations through any metal roof system. These collar tops are a separate accessory making it easy to pass the pipe through a standard square curb and flash the pipe using the collar top component.

My roof has a steep roof pitch – can R&S handle that?

Our expertise includes fabricating curbs that ensure a level mounting surface for rooftop equipment, crucial for powered ventilation and HVAC units. For skylights, roof access hatches, and vents, they can mount on a slope to optimize cost-efficiency.

What kind of warranty is offered with R&S roof curbs?

Our aluminum curbs come with a 20-Year Manufacturer’s Material Warranty, highlighting their durability and corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel curbs carry a 1-Year Warranty, reflecting their different protective qualities. This underscores our recommendation for aluminum curbs when feasible.

How long will it take to get my roof curb?

Lead times vary – small orders (1-3 curbs) ship within 1-2 weeks, medium orders (3-10) in 2-3 weeks, and larger orders (10+) in about 4 weeks. We always take your project timeline into consideration to best align with your construction schedule.

What if I don’t have all the details, can you still provide a budget?

Even with minimal information, we can offer a preliminary quote for your budget planning. As project details become clearer, we aim to keep the final order close to our initial estimate, ensuring financial predictability.

What makes R&S different from other curb suppliers?

Our 60+ years in the roof accessory business and control over 80% of our product fabrication distinguish us from others. This expertise allows for better control over quality, pricing, and lead times, offering you a comprehensive range of products from a trusted, single source.

Do you offer custom finishes on your curbs?

Yes, we provide custom color finishes for our curbs to complement the color of metal roofs. Additionally, we offer a standard white paint option for curbs used on built-up applications with cool roofs. For cost-effectiveness, we recommend choosing a powder coat finish. However, for those seeking a premium option, we also offer a Kynar coat, which is available at a higher price.

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