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Turbine Vent

Gravity Turbine Ventilator

Turbo Vents provide versatile ventilation through mechanical rotation combined with the natural flow of air and wind. The combination of these factors generates a higher and more consistent rate of air movement when compared to standard stationary gravity vents. Turbo vents may be factory paired with a metal building or conventional / built-up roof curb.

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Standard Design Specifications

Design Turbine vent design offers versatile ventilation where spot gravity exhaust is needed. Reinforced, corrugated vanes harness wind and natural air flow to accelerate relief.
Base Throat Type (round)
Flat collar base
Collar top curb (metal building or conventional)
Throat Sizes 8″ – 24″ in multiples of 2
See submittal for airflow by size
Material 22-26 GA galvanized steel (varies by size)
Screen 1/2″ mesh 19 GA galvanized steel when specified
Finish Galvanized Steel, Powder Coat or Kynar
Warranty 1 Year

RS Round Ventilator Options

Disc Damper Counterbalanced pivoting disc damper and pull chain

Turbine Ventilator Model Guide

Model Throat Diameter Material Finish Special Features
RR 8″ – 24″ G = Galvanized
  • M = Galvanized
  • S = Special Color or Finish
  • Disc Damper w/ Pull Chain
  • Insect Screen


RR-26-GS-D is a 26″ throat size Turbine Vent, constructed with galvanized steel with custom-color finish and fitted with a disc damper.

Standard Sizes and Shipping Weights

Model Throat Diameter Throat Area Width Height (For curb mount models add 6-8″) Net Weight GALV (LBS) Range)
RS8 8″ 50.27″ 14″ 14″
RS10 10″ 78.54″ 16″ 16″
RS12 12″ 113.1″ 18″ 18″
RS14 14″ 153.94″ 20″ 20″
RS16 16″ 201.06″ 22″ 22″
RS18 18″ 254.47″ 24″ 24″
RS20 20″ 314.16″ 27″ 27″
RS24 24″ 452.39″ 32″ 30″


Product Description Model Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty
Model RR Round Vent RR PDF  PDF

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