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R&S offers a wide array of ventilation products for low-rise industrial or warehouse buildings. Our economical gravity vent line includes continuous ridge vents, spot gravity vents and stationary or operable air intake louvers. Gravity vents and louvers are constructed of aluminum, steel or stainless steel with either a mill or custom color finish. R&S gravity vents and louvers are fabricated to seamlessly integrate with any metal building roof or wall panel. For projects requiring higher levels of air movement, we offer a full range of Greenheck roof and wall fans. Roof-mounted fans may also include a roof curb fabricated to seamlessly integrate with any metal building roof panel.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – R&S also provides consultative engineering services to develop ventilation plans at no additional cost. Air movement calculations demonstrate the mechanical equipment required based on building dimensions and intended use.

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R&S manufactures a vast array of products to fit your project needs. We aim to supply all of your metal building roof accessory needs, not just one product. Why go to multiple vendors when R&S can supply it all?