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Translucent Light Panel Fall Screen

SafeScreen Light Transmitting Panel Fall Screens

Flat Light Transmitting Panel (LTP) Skylights are often installed on metal building roofs. These skylights are a fall hazard when safe guards are not present. R&S SafeScreen Light Transmitting Panel Fall Screens are designed to fit any Standing Seam or Panel Rib. This fall protection system provides protection against a fall accident through flat skylights. All screens are tested to meet OSHA Skylight Fall Protection Standards and install in 30 minutes or less.

Other Products to Consider: R&S makes prismatic skylights with integral curbs that fit both standing seam and panel rib roofs. These products deliver superior value compared to flat skylights: RS24 Prismatic Skylight System for Standing Seam | RS36 Prismatic Skylight System for Panel Rib

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Material Screen: Minimum 3/16″ Galvanized Steel Screen
Long Channels: 14 GA Galvanized Steel
Short Channels: 14 GA Bottom / 18 GA Top Galvanized Steel
Standing Seam System: S-5! Clamps Compatible with Panel Manufacturer
R-Panel System: 1/8″ Thick x 1″ Wide Double-Sided Mastic Where Fasteners Secure to Purlins
Fasteners: #12 1-1/4″, #14-4″ Hex Head Self Drilling TEK screws
Dimensions Screen: Maximum 4″ x 4″ openings, closed ends
R-Panel System Screen Size: 34″ x 120″ (standard)
Standing Seam System Screen Size: 22″ x 120″ (standard) Secured in Slotted Long Channels
Finish Screen: Galvanized Steel Mill Finish
Channels: Galvanized Steel Mill Finish
Compliance Lab tested to meet OSHA CFR 1910.23 and 1926.501
Lab tested to meet CAL OSHA Title 8: Sec. 3212
Meets minimum 400 LBS load
Warranty 10 Years

Model Guide

Model WxL Type
SCRN-GAL CM: Curb Mount
LPR: Flat Light Panel High Rib
LPS: Flat Light Panel Standing Seam

Example: SCRN-GAL-4896-LPR: fall protection screen for an R-panel roof system.

Sizes and Weights

Model LTP Skylight Opening Unit Weights
SCRN-GAL-36120-LPR 36″ X 120″ 60 LBS
SCRN-GAL-24120-LPS 36″ X 120″ 60 LBS


Product Description Model Submittal Specs Installation
SafeScreen – R-Panel (12″ O.C.) SCRN-GAL-LPR PDF PDF
SafeScreen – Standing Seam (24″ O.C.) SCRN-GAL-LPS PDF



  • Lab tested to meet OSHA CFR 1910.23 and 1926.501
  • Lab tested to meet CAL OSHA Title 8: Sec. 3212
  • View Lab Test Report

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