Smoke Vents – Operable vs. Melt-Outs – Which is Best?

Product Comparison – Smoke Ventilators When evaluating operable smoke ventilators versus melt-out units, architects, builders and contractors should weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. Components to consider include: The service life of the unit The safety of maintenance personnel and fire response teams The cost to purchase, install and maintain […]

Metal Roof Walkways are Gaining Popularity

Metal Roof Walkways – Overview Metal Roof Walkways are quickly gaining popularity as a way to provide a stable and safe work area for maintenance personnel. These easy-to-install systems also extend the life of any metal panel roof. Walkways can easily be fitted with hand-rail for an additional level of fall protection. While the process of […]

Integrated Daylighting for PEMB – RS24 System vs. Self-Curbing Skylight

RS24 Skylight System vs. “Self-Curbing” Skylight If you operate in the PEMB industry, may have likely heard about the “self-curbing” skylight system in the market. How do other products compare? What if you are erecting a building that is not compatible with this product? R&S offers an alternative that not only meets the performance of […]

Metal Building Roof Curb – How to Choose the Right Application

Know Your Options There are several choices to make when purchasing a metal building roof curb. Your evaluation should take into consideration the conditions on and around the roof: Roof panel make / model Roof Slope Weight of the roof equipment be installed on the curb Roof system warranty requirements Local weather conditions Sub Framing […]

R&S Competitive Advantage – Smoke Vents

UL Listed Smoke Vent – White Self-FlashedR&S supplies among the highest quality vents at very competitive prices. Due to the higher quality of our product we are not always the low cost leader.