5 Important Tips for Designing Roof Walkways

The best way to ensure a roof walkway is functional and safe is to consider a variety of factors before the final design is established and the installation is performed. At R&S Roof Products, we offer the GrateSafe® Metal Roof Walkway system that enables safe and efficient access to equipment on building roofs and prevents […]

Reasons to Invest in a Rooftop Walkway System

If your commercial roof does not have the proper equipment and accessories in place to make accessibility and maintenance easy, it can be a dangerous place for contractors and maintenance workers. Rooftop walkways address this issue effectively, providing safe passageways and protection for workers. At R&S Roof Products, we offer our GrateSafe® Metal Roof Walkway […]

What Type of Skylight Should You Choose for Your Commercial Metal Roof?

There are various types of skylights available for commercial roofs. They differ in framing material, style, and the type of glazing used. Among the most common types of skylights installed are curb-mount, self-flashed, and metal building skylight systems. All are ideal for flat or low-pitched roofs. At R&S Roof Products, we assist you in selecting […]

Fill Your Space With Sunlight Using Metal Building Skylights

A design feature that is often used on the roof of metal buildings today is the skylight. With metal roof skylights, sunlight is allowed to envelope the interior of the building during daytime hours which reduces the amount of energy needed to power electric lighting during the day. With the sun functioning as the primary […]

Benefits of Skylights in Metal Roofs

Skylights are excellent additions for the roofs of commercial buildings that can help enhance the work environment. These skylights allow natural light to make its way into the interior space. Many commercial and industrial buildings now have skylights on their roofs. Your employees and business will benefit greatly from a skylight installation on your metal […]

What Are HVAC Roof Curbs and What Are They Made Of?

Commercial buildings often have at least one or a combination of these items on the roof: fans, condensers, skylights, hatches, vents, or AC units. These units often penetrate the membrane of the roof. They also add weight to the roof and cost money to install and operate. The installation of these items also requires the […]

Features of Rooftop Walkway Systems

A roof can be hazardous for maintenance professionals if it does not include the proper equipment, including safety accessories. Commercial building roofs often require the addition of metal roof walkway systems as a safety feature. These walkways also help increase the service life of the roof in addition to keeping personnel who must access the […]

Smoke Vents – Operable vs. Melt-Outs – Which is Best?

Product Comparison – Smoke Ventilators When evaluating operable smoke ventilators versus melt-out units, architects, builders and contractors should weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. Components to consider include: The service life of the unit The safety of maintenance personnel and fire response teams The cost to purchase, install and maintain […]

Metal Roof Walkways are Gaining Popularity

Metal Roof Walkways – Overview Metal Roof Walkways are quickly gaining popularity as a way to provide a stable and safe work area for maintenance personnel. These easy-to-install systems also extend the life of any metal panel roof. Walkways can easily be fitted with hand-rail for an additional level of fall protection. While the process of […]

Integrated Daylighting for PEMB – RS24 System vs. Self-Curbing Skylight

RS24 Skylight System vs. “Self-Curbing” Skylight If you operate in the PEMB industry, may have likely heard about the “self-curbing” skylight system in the market. How do other products compare? What if you are erecting a building that is not compatible with this product? R&S offers an alternative that not only meets the performance of […]