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GrateSafe® Roof Walkway Featured in Metal Construction News Jan 2024

February 1st, 2024 | Eric McClung

Contractor Guidelines: Roof Walk

We are proud to announce that GrateSafe® Roof Walkway was recently featured in January’s edition of Metal Construction News. The article “Contractor Guidelines” highlights the benefits of Roof Walkway Systems in protecting the roof and ensuring worker safety. Written by R&S president Eric McClung – the overall aim of the article is to assist contractors in offering efficient, safe, and cost-effective walkway solutions.

Contractor Guidelines featured in Metal Construction News Jan 2024

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Here’s a few bullet points from the article:

  • Roof Walkways are Important: Walkways on metal roofs help protect the roof and keep people safe.
  • Benefits: They make the roof last longer, stop slips, and guide people safely around roof obstacles.
  • Safety Standards: These walkways meet safety rules set by OSHA, with features like handrails to prevent falls.
  • Choosing Materials: Different materials like steel or aluminum are used based on the climate to prevent rust.
  • Types and Design: The article explains various walkway types for different roofs and how to design them efficiently.


Featured: GrateSafe® Roof Walk for Metal Buildings