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Adjustable Blade

Adjustable Blade Louvers

Adjustable blade louvers can provide the ability to open and close the louver, which provides a means of controlling the air intake into the building. Adjustable louvers can be manually operated or electronically actuated. When actuators are included, the louver is fully assembled and ready for wiring when delivered.

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Standard Design Specifications

Louver Shapes Square
Frame 0.063″/0.080″ 5052 H32 aluminum
18 GA galvanized steel
Blades 0.063″/0.080″ 5052 H32 aluminum
18 GA galvanized steel
Screen 1/2″ mesh 0.063″ aluminum or 1/2″ mesh 19 GA galvanized steel – mounted to front of louver face
Finish Aluminum Mill, Steel Galvanized, Powder Coat or Kynar
Warranty 1 year

Louver Options

Frame Options
Metal Building Flanges MB: Include head drip lip and offset perimeter flange to flash into a metal wall panel. Specify wall panel make and model for proper sizing
Channel Frame C: Standard for use in framed or masonry openings
Front Flange Frame F: Flange Frame option includes a full perimeter flange flush with the louver face
Louver Finish
Standard Aluminum mill or galvanized steel
Powder Coat Baked polyester standard colors (most economical) and custom color matching
Kynar Multiple thicknesses available depending on specification
Other Options
Fitted Actuator Electronic actuator factory installed – maximum size per actuator is 60″ x 96″
Insect Screen Louvers shipped standard with bird screen but may be fitted with mesh insect screen
Filter Racks Integrated filter rack system with disposable or washable filters
Blade / Jamb Seals Seals installed where blades interlock and around inner perimeter of louver jamb – designed to improve sealing attributes of louver

Louver Model Guide

Model Blade Type Construction Frame Depth Blade Design Blade Degree Special Features
  • A: Adjustable Blade
  • F: Stationary Blade
  • A: Aluminum
  • G: Galvanized Steel
  • S: Stainless Steel
  • 20 = 2″
  • 40 = 4″
  • 60 = 6″
  • 0 = Straight
  • 3 = Drainable
  • 5 = Stormproof
  • 7 = Inverted V
  • 3 = 30
  • 37 = 37.5
  • 4 = 45
  • 6 = 60
  • MB = Metal Building Flanges
  • C = Channel Frame
  • F = Flange Frame
  • M = Motorized


LVR-AG-4054-MB is a formed galvanized steel 4″ deep adjustable blade louver with metal building flanges

Model AA-4054 AG-4054 AA-5054 AG-5054
Minimum Size per Panel 12″ x 12″ 12″ x 12″ 12″ x 12″ 12″ x 12″
Maximum Size per Panel 60″ x 96″ 60″ x 96″ 60″ x 96″ 60″ x 96″
Ship Weight per Square Foot 4 lbs/sf 6 lbs/sf 5 lbs/sf 6 lbs/sf


Formed Adjustable Blade Louvers

Product Description Model    Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty
4″ Deep Aluminum AA-4054 PDF  PDF
4″ Deep Galvanized AG-4054 PDF  PDF

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