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Reasons to Invest in a Rooftop Walkway System

January 2nd, 2023 | Eric McClung

If your commercial roof does not have the proper equipment and accessories in place to make accessibility and maintenance easy, it can be a dangerous place for contractors and maintenance workers. Rooftop walkways address this issue effectively, providing safe passageways and protection for workers. At R&S Roof Products, we offer our GrateSafe® Metal Roof Walkway system that allows for safe traversing of commercial roofs for equipment access while also preventing roof damage from foot traffic.

It is important for your commercial building to function as a cohesive, efficient system. This requires having easy access to key equipment and controls that help the building operate properly, such as HVAC equipment.

Here are some reasons why it is important to consider a rooftop walkway system:


With a walkway system, workers can access the roof in a much safer manner. It gives workers a sense of security and can help them avoid any roof tripping hazards. The perforated, anti-slip surface provides exceptional grip which is ideal for foot traffic or as a platform around mechanical equipment. Handrailing is also available which is an invaluable means of preventing falls when working close to eves. Roof walkway systems are also ideal during inclement weather such as when it rains, snows, or there is ice buildup present.

Extends Roof Longevity

The addition of a galvanized steel or aluminum rooftop walkway reduces roof wear and tear since the walkway precludes the need for foot traffic on the roof. The roof panel is spared from having to bear the weight of those walking on it, which can lead to damage over time. The galvanized steel or aluminum material itself is durable and can withstand repeated use, reducing repair costs. Roof walkway systems can also increase the value of your building if and when you sell it in the future.

More Efficient Maintenance

Rooftop walkways on commercial buildings help make oversight, maintenance, and repairs much easier. These walkways allow for safer access to rooftop equipment, such as power units, HVAC units, and more. With this type of safe and easy access to the roof of a building, it is easier to detect required issues and needed repairs and to have them addressed in a timely manner.

Reduced Liability

Roof walkway systems also reduce potential liability for building owners by providing a safer means of traversing areas of the roof and reducing the chances for physical injuries and any associated legal action.

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