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What’s New and Exciting at R&S for 2024!

January 2nd, 2024 | Eric McClung

R&S Roof Products: Charting New Horizons in 2024 with Enhanced Offerings and Improved Efficiency

As we move forward into 2024, R&S Roof Products is thrilled to share the significant strides we’ve made to enhance our product offerings, reduce lead times, and maintain our unwavering commitment to quality. Let’s take a moment to highlight three key advancements this year:

GrateSafe® Roof Walkway Product Enhancement

We’re proud to announce our expanded capabilities in producing GrateSafe® roof walkway planks in-house. Previously sourced from an overseas manufacturer, this transition to on-site production allows us to offer more tailored options, from custom plank lengths to different material choices, including steel thickness (from 18GA to 14GA).

We're proud to announce our expanded capabilities in producing GrateSafe® roof walkway planks in-house.

Importantly, we now offer an Aluminum option, which boasts significant advantages such as reducing the material weight by almost 50% and offering enhanced resistance to corrosion. These improvements enhance efficiency in field installation and significantly reduce lead times as we no longer rely on imported materials. By eliminating import costs, we can pass these savings on to our customers, ensuring they receive the best value in the market for these materials. We aim to reinforce our position as the leading supplier in this growing market.

Advanced Shop Floor Management: Introducing FulcrumPro

R&S is excited to implement FulcrumProTo elevate our operational efficiency, we are excited to implement FulcrumPro, a cutting-edge shop floor management system designed for Metal Fabrication Shops. FulcrumPro brings you, our esteemed customers, the benefit of more accurate lead-time forecasts. It harnesses time standards, workforce availability, and live data from our shop floor to streamline our processes. This system addresses past challenges in estimating shipping dates, especially during peak times, ensuring more accurate and reliable delivery schedules.

Optimizing Our New R&S Manufacturing Facility

Our relocation to a new facility in mid-2021 marked a significant step forward. We continue to optimize every aspect of this space, focusing on enhancing worker safety and boosting production efficiency. These improvements not only reduce our internal costs – benefits we pass on to you – but also aim to shorten labor time, allowing for faster product shipments. We have also been in the fortunate position to utilize the space for new machinery to continue expanding our capabilities. Look for more enhancements as we move into 2024.

Our dedication to improving product quality, customer support, and lead times remains steadfast. The implementation of these improvements reinforces our commitment to not only our business, but to our customers as well. We are excited about the positive impact these changes will bring to our collaboration and deeply appreciate your ongoing trust in R&S Roof Products, Inc.

Interested in understanding how these enhancements can directly benefit you? Please don’t hesitate to give me a call, I’d be delighted to talk it through with you.

Eric McClung

President, R&S Roof Products


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