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Features of Rooftop Walkway Systems

October 27th, 2022 | Eric McClung

A roof can be hazardous for maintenance professionals if it does not include the proper equipment, including safety accessories. Commercial building roofs often require the addition of metal roof walkway systems as a safety feature. These walkways also help increase the service life of the roof in addition to keeping personnel who must access the roof safe. At R&S Roof Products, our GrateSafe® Metal Roof Walkway enables safe access to equipment on commercial roofs while also preventing damage to roofs from foot traffic.

A roof walkway is an indispensable component on a commercial roof to ensure safety and roof integrity. Many roof surfaces are not designed to safely endure foot traffic. Roof walkway systems can prevent roofs from experiencing wear and tear in areas of high foot traffic during maintenance operations. If a commercial roof is flat, then grating surfaces that slope with the roof will suffice and safety can be improved when toeboard and guardrails are included in the design. If the roof is generally greater than 1” per 12” (1:12), then a more extensive pitch-corrected walkway system is required.

Key Roof Access Walkway System Features

The various features of high quality commercial and industrial walkways systems include:

  • 10′ Planks with interlocking design and anti-skid surface

  • 14-16 GA supports, ledgers and splice plates

  • Complete kit which includes everything needed for installation

  • Connection to R-Panel Roofs using Fab-Lok Fasteners (washered)

  • Connection to Standing Seam Roofs via mounting clamps (S-5!)

  • Cross-overs for pipes, ridges, and other obstructions

  • Corrected for roof pitch when specified

  • Handrail compliant with OSHA requirements on one or both sides of walkway

  • Schedule 40 handrail pipe and aluminum handrail fittings

  • Optional 6″ high toe kick

  • Custom finish options – Galvanized, Kynar, Powder Coat

  • Detailed CAD drawings illustrating location of supports and hardware

A roof access walkway system is ideal for keeping workers safe and preventing roof damage. These roof walkways utilize various designs and materials based on the application. However, one important feature is how these walkways are connected to roof panels. Roof walkways are attached permanently to standing seam roofs using S-5! clamps, which do not penetrate the roof panel and help to ensure the reliability of the roof system. In addition, guardrails are often added to ensure worker safety.

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