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What Are HVAC Roof Curbs and What Are They Made Of?

November 2nd, 2022 | Eric McClung

Commercial buildings often have at least one or a combination of these items on the roof: fans, condensers, skylights, hatches, vents, or AC units. These units often penetrate the membrane of the roof. They also add weight to the roof and cost money to install and operate. The installation of these items also requires the installation of accompanying roof curbs. At R&S Roof Products, we offer roof curbs for HVAC and other roof equipment installations that fit any R-panel, standing seam, or insulated metal panel roof.

What Are Roof Curbs?

Roof curbs are raised metal frames designed to safely mount equipment and other accessories on a roof. These frames help mount items that penetrate the roof’s surface or that mount above the roof. A properly installed roof curb provides the equipment or accessory with a level platform for connection. Flashing is incorporated into the design of the roof curb to prevent seepage of water through a roof’s metal panel surface and subsequent interior water damage.

Roof curb is generally needed whenever the addition of a piece of equipment or other accessory creates an opening in the roof. A roof curb, such as an HVAC roof curb, functions as a barrier of sorts between the opening in the rooftop and the roof’s protective layers.

Roof Curb Materials

Since roof curbs require sufficient strength to support pieces of equipment that can weigh hundreds and even thousands of pounds, they are often made from galvanized steel with a 14-gauge thickness or 0.080” aluminum. The roof curbs we offer are available in aluminum, stainless steel, or zinc-coated steel and typically include 1” foil-faced insulation in the curb walls all adjoining sections are fully welded for maximum strength, watertightness and long-term durability. The curbs can be painted to match or complement the roof color.

Installation of Roof Curbs

The installation of roof curbs involves contractors cutting open a section of the roof to attach the curbs in place and then secure the roof curb to the metal roof panel using sub-frame, long-life fasteners, mastic and sealants. These accessories are also available with any purchase. After the installation of the roof curb is completed, the return and supply ductwork are securely attached to the openings on the curbs prior to setting the rooftop equipment in place. We can also supply necessary partitions and supports for HVAC duct work or shelves for backdraft dampers.

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