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Benefits of Skylights in Metal Roofs

November 23rd, 2022 | Eric McClung

Skylights are excellent additions for the roofs of commercial buildings that can help enhance the work environment. These skylights allow natural light to make its way into the interior space. Many commercial and industrial buildings now have skylights on their roofs. Your employees and business will benefit greatly from a skylight installation on your metal roof. At R&S Roof Products, we provide everything required for the successful installation of skylights for metal roofs, including OSHA-compliant fall protection screens, roof curbs, curb liners, and mounting hardware.

Reduced Electrical Consumption

By reducing the need for artificial light by adding natural light during the daytime, electrical consumption decreases. This is a significant year after year cost benefit for commercial building owners.

Improved Aesthetics

With the introduction of natural light, your interior space will look more spacious and less stuffy and confining. Spaciousness improves the aesthetics of the building and increases the perception of its value. Adding one or more skylights for metal roofs to a small building can make an important difference, enhancing the hospitable feel and attractiveness of the space.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Exposure to the sun provides the body with vitamin D, which is important to receive during the darker months of the year in the fall and winter seasons. The effects of natural sunlight in a workspace can positively affect worker productivity. It has also shown to boost sales in retail spaces as well as performance of students in schools.

Reduced Cooling Costs

When properly insulated, skylights can prevent a large percentage of heat from coming into the interior space, while still allowing the natural light to pass through.
This is achieved by using the latest designs such as multi-wall panel inserts that are integrated into the skylight opening and heat stop coatings applied to plastic during fabrication. These designs can result in a reduction in cooling costs in the summer even when daylighting is present. On the other hand, some artificial lighting can produce a significant quantity of heat, increasing the cost to cool the space.

Other Cost Savings

Beyond the energy costs to light up and to cool a space when artificial lights are used, there is also the cost of the actual bulbs, fixtures and any related maintenance which is saved when skylights replace the use and/or installation of artificial lights.

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