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Integrated Daylighting for PEMB – RS24 System vs. Self-Curbing Skylight

September 8th, 2017 | Eric McClung

RS24 Skylight System vs. “Self-Curbing” Skylight

If you operate in the PEMB industry, may have likely heard about the “self-curbing” skylight system in the market. How do other products compare? What if you are erecting a building that is not compatible with this product? R&S offers an alternative that not only meets the performance of this product, but outperforms it. The RS24 Skylight System.

The analysis is focused on three critical areas: 1. Installation, 2. Weather-tightness and 3. Thermal Performance.

Note: RS24 Skylight System for any 24″ O.C. Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof. RS32 Skylight System for any 16″ O.C. Vertical Standing Seam Roof.


1. Installation

The RS24 Skylight System features a simple installation procedure that eliminates risk associated with the competitive product. Our product can sequence in 5’ or 10’ lengths to create a row of daylighting with just one roof penetration.

Base Assembly

Competitive Model: The “curb-less” or “self-curbing” design is similar to an erector set curb. Rails are used to assemble and flash the skylight to the metal roof panel. This means the erector must account for several individual pieces before caulking and assembling the curb. This adds significant complexity to the installation.

RS24 Skylight System: Our welded base design installs AFTER the roof is complete. The system includes very few parts which translate to a simple, straight-forward installation. Aluminum base with full penetration welds provide tremendous rigidity and strength. The RS24 is backed by a 20-year material warranty.

Addressing Panel Modulation

Competitive Model: Roof panels can be slightly out of modulation due to conditions present during installation. The erector set curb design may not maintain curb dimensions which can cause the skylight to not fit properly. The fix is extremely time-consuming and expensive. When installing the competitive model, erectors must measure each corner which translates to extra labor and unnecessary risk.

RS24 Skylight System: Since the base of the unit is welded, the curb dimension is kept constant. Therefor, there is no risk that the skylight will not fit. It is best to deal with any issues associated with panel modulation up front versus after the curbs have been installed.


2. Weather Tightness

Curb Upslope

R&S has manufacturing roof top accessories for metal buildings for over 25 years. We’ve worked with many contractors and have applied their collective feedback to produce a system that when installed correctly, will not leak.

Competitive Model: The up slope clearance is limited to roughly 3” on just one side with an insufficient diverter subject to blockage. This may result in the pooling of water and ultimately a potential leak point.

RS24 Skylight System: Features an integrated up slope cricket (diverter) with over 8″ of clearance on both sides of the base (curb). This combination ensures that water and debris will safely divert to the flat of the adjacent roof panels.

Corners of Curb

Competitive Model: Each corner of the erector-set curb is a potential leak point. This is because it must be assembled using caulking in the field. The goal of any roof penetration flashing should be to minimize potential leak points at all costs.

RS24 Skylight System: The full-penetration welds on our aluminum base are thoroughly tested to ensure a true weather-tight condition. This is done before the product leaves our factory. Our design uses the standing seam roof geometry in the same fashion as the competitive product without generating potential leak points referenced above.


3. Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance: The use of quality materials and attention to detail result in a product that performs and looks great.

Insulation of Curb Wall

Competitive Model: Relies on pulling the existing fiberglass from under the roof panel to insulate the skylight base. This approach yields an R-Value that is difficult to assess and a thermal condition that will likely degrade over time.

RS24 Skylight System: Utilizes a double dome glazing and a thermally-broken frame to maximum thermal performance. Our design incorporates 2″ ridged insulation (R-Value of ~12.1) that comes standard in our base. We also include a pre-cut white reflective aluminum liner that nests over the insulation for a polished and functional finish.


For the reasons outlined above, we believe that the RS24 Skyline System will exceed expectations when compared to the competitive model. In addition, the RS24 is designed to work on any 24″ or 16″ standing seam roof model providing flexibility unmatched by the competition.

Learn more about the RS24/32 or check out our newest skylight design, the RS36 designed for panel rib roof profiles.


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