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Fill Your Space With Sunlight Using Metal Building Skylights

December 19th, 2022 | Eric McClung

A design feature that is often used on the roof of metal buildings today is the skylight. With metal roof skylights, sunlight is allowed to envelope the interior of the building during daytime hours which reduces the amount of energy needed to power electric lighting during the day. With the sun functioning as the primary source of light in a building during the day, there are multiple benefits that result. R&S Roof Products is your source for skylights for metal roofs, including roof curbs, OSHA mandated fall protection screens, interior curb liners, and all associated mounting hardware.

Personal Benefits of Sunlight Exposure from Skylights

Skylights for metal roofs are an easy and efficient way to allow natural sunlight to infiltrate the interior of a building space. It has been demonstrated that natural light can have a positive effect on human health, performance, and productivity, as it impacts the body’s circadian system. The body also receives Vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight.

Aesthetic Benefits of Skylights

Metal roof skylights add an element of enhanced aesthetics to a commercial facility, which can impact the perception of staff, customers, and other visitors. R&S designs all its skylights to integrate seamlessly with any metal roof profile. It’s important that the finished look of the skylight adds to aesthetic appeal of your building, as well as providing the benefits that daylighting offers.

Economic Benefit of Skylights

When skylights are used in combination with lighting controls that detect daylight and nighttime, building owners can maximize savings on their electric bills. This is achieved through light sensors that automatically dim or shut off artificial lights during the day when the sun is shining into the building, reducing the demand for electricity during peak operating hours. An additional economic benefit comes from the reduction in maintenance required, such as bulb replacements.

The installation of skylights for metal roofs requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced roofing contractor that understands what is required for various types of roofs to achieve the best results, including preventing air and water leaks.

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