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What Type of Skylight Should You Use for a Metal Roof?

May 9th, 2023 | Eric McClung

Skylights and metal roofs do go together. Although it is easier to install a skylight during the construction of a brand-new roof, it is also possible to install a skylight into an existing roof.

What Type of Skylight Should You Use for a Metal Roof

To do the latter successfully, you need the professional services of an experienced roofing contractor. If a skylight is improperly installed, damage to the building may result. At R&S Roof Products, we offer skylights for metal roofs that provide the benefit of sunlight in your interior spaces while keeping the weather elements outside.


Common Skylight Types for Metal Roofs

There are two main types of skylights that are typically installed on metal roofs: curb mounted skylights and light transmitting panels (LTPs). Both types of skylights offer comparable benefits.


Light Transmitting Panels (LTP)

Light Transmitting Panels (LTP) with fall protection

LTPs are composed of a translucent material and are offered in various profiles. The design of an LTP panel is customized to match the specific characteristics and layout of the roofing system in which it will be installed, ensuring optimal performance with a variety of metal roof systems.

LTP Pros

The primary benefit of LTPs is a lower overall price and more convenience. These are typically shipped with a Pre-engineered metal building. The installation procedure is like that of a roof panel, so training is minimal.

LTP Cons

However, there are many downsides to consider. They are difficult to replace if they deteriorate or break. They are a fall risk because they look like roof panels and are easy to walk over. They tend to fade and get dirty quickly because most metal roofs are nearly flat so there is a deposit of dirt that accumulates.


Curb-Mounted Skylights

Curb Mounted Skylight RS24

A curb-mounted skylight has a curb, which is a raised structure that is placed around the opening at which the skylight is to be attached. These curb-mounted skylights are available in various styles and shapes.

Curb-Mounted Skylight Pros

There are several advantages to a curb mount skylight. With the curb in place, the only thing required for the skylight replacement is to remove the existing skylight and replace it with a new one. There is no roof disruption required.

Curb-mounted skylights for metal roofs are highly effective at preventing leaks. They also provide a larger area of fenestration than a deck-mounted skylight installed in the same space and flexibility in the size chosen.

These systems are also safe. The raised elevation makes them easy to spot. Plus, they can easily include a fall-screen to prevent accidents.

Curb-Mounted Skylight Cons

The primary downside of curb-mount skylights is cost. However, half of the investment of the system is the curb, which will last as long as the roof. So, while the upfront expense is higher, the long-term value is far greater.


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