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R&S Competitive Advantage – Smoke Vents

November 21st, 2017 | Eric McClung

R&S supplies among the highest quality vents at very competitive prices. Due to the higher quality of our product we are not always the low cost leader. To that point, a few things to keep in mind when comparing our vents to competitive models:

1. Latch System

R&S uses high grade alloy latches that are heat-treated and plated to achieve a 90 PSF uplift rating with UL. The latch system is critical in achieving a trouble free system capable of being tested annually as required by most building codes. In an effort to lower prices (as often occurs), many manufacturers use lower-grade parts to keep material costs down. We don’t subscribe to this approach as we feel product quality is more important than “rock-bottom” pricing. Especially when it comes to safety equipment.

2. Smoke Vent Frames

Some of our competitors leverage a less ridged dome frame to lower cost. This means that when the units are opened they may “rack” or “twist” during the act of closing. Often units are randomly field tested during the QA process and this can lead to quality concerns at very critical times – such as when the Super is looking to close out a project.

3. Smoke Vent Height

Some competitors offer a lower price by selling 8” high vents versus our 12” high vents. Lower units represent a greater tripping hazard and don’t perform as well should there be inclement weather on a large roof. Vents situated closer to the roof edge can experience a higher momentum of water shed which can overwhelm a low height vent. Even in dry climates it can be particularly damaging when / if heavy rains produce unexpected leaking.

4. Smoke Vent Weights

R&S vents offer lower weights as yet another competitive advantage. Our standard vents weigh approximately 250 lbs. compared to an industry average in the 350-400 lbs. range. Lighter units lead to easier installation, fewer injuries and less stress on the roof. While some may equate weight with quality (heavier gauge = more durability) it should be known that all vents are constructed of generally the same material. Failure points are not typically material corrosion or fatigue; rather they are latch or skylight failure. As such, the design and engineering of the vents is paramount in creating a product that properly balances all aspects of performance characteristics.

6. Roof Top Flashing Expertise

R&S is a leading manufacturer on the West Coast for a variety of roof top accessories including curbs, roof hatches, vents, louvers and roof walkway systems. Many of our competitors are skylight manufacturers that don’t have the same level of experience when it comes to flashing roof openings. On the other end of the spectrum, some providers tend to over-engineer their vents which results in excessive pricing. R&S Vents benefit from superior engineering delivering optimal pricing, installation and performance.

Our company is focused on providing the highest quality products along with superior customer care. We are always available and will work diligently to ensure your project is completed without issue.

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