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We are roof catwalk experts with over 60 years experience fabricating rooftop accessories. Our GrateSafe Roof Walkway Systems are manufactured with high-quality Steel or Aluminum to meet your project requirements. Our team takes the time to understand your project to quote the most economical solution possible.

Roof Catwalk Simple Safe Maintenance Access

GrateSafe® Roofwalk offers these benefits:

  • High-quality G-90 18 GA anti-slip planks
  • All supports and hardware for installation included
  • CAD drawing / installation guide with every order
  • Optional handrail, pitch-correction, and toe kick
  • Flexible design accommodates various widths
  • S-5!® Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps

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What You Need To Know – A few of our commonly asked questions


Can GrateSafe® fit all metal roof types?

Absolutely. With a vast history in the metal building sector, R&S has every roof panel type cataloged in our CAD library, ensuring our parts fit perfectly for all metal roofs, including Standing Seam, R-panel, and insulated metal panel systems.

When is pitch correction necessary?

For roofs with a pitch over 2:12, pitch correction might be needed to create a level walkway. This applies mainly to perpendicular walkways, except for specific platforms requiring a flat surface for access or service areas.

Do GrateSafe® handrails meet OSHA standards?

Yes, all GrateSafe® handrail systems comply with stringent OSHA standards for rail height and load capacity, ensuring worker safety.

What materials are available for GrateSafe®?

GrateSafe is offered in 18 GA Steel, 14 GA Steel, and 0.080 Aluminum. The 18 GA steel is preferred for its strength and weight balance, while aluminum is ideal for corrosion resistance or lighter weight needs.

How wide are the GrateSafe® walkways?

Walkways are made from 12” wide planks that interlock for adjustable widths (24”, 36”, 48”, etc.). We don’t recommend a standalone 12” walkway for safety reasons.

What sets R&S apart from competitors?

R&S’s advantage is our comprehensive in-house manufacturing in the USA. Unlike competitors who may outsource, we control the quality, cost, and delivery times of our support systems and walkway gratings, ensuring the best value and reliability.


Does installing GrateSafe® require making holes in the roof?

  • Standing Seam Roofs: No holes needed. We use S-5!® Clamps to attach the base supports directly to the roof without any screws required.
  • R-Panel Roofs: You have two choices. You can use fasteners that attach the supports to the underlying structure or Fab-Lok® Fasteners that connect directly to the roof panel. This also applies to corrugated roofs.
  • Insulated Metal Panels (IMP): The installation depends on whether the IMP is more like a Standing Seam or R-Panel roof. We adjust the support lengths and reinforce them for the wider spacing typical of IMPs (40”-42”).

What does the installation guide include?

R&S provides a complete list of parts and a CAD-based layout showing where each of these parts go. This includes the placement of supports, handrail fittings, S-5!® Clamps, and other parts. You’ll also get a general installation overview, detailed instructions for base supports/hardware, and guides for installing S-5! Clamps or Fab-Lok® Fasteners.

Is it hard or time-consuming to install GrateSafe?

No, GrateSafe® systems are designed for quick installation. They’re modular, so once your team gets the hang of it, installation moves swiftly. Plus, we’re here to help guide you through the process for a smooth start.

Can I expand a GrateSafe® system after it’s already installed?

Yes, adding to your GrateSafe® system is easy thanks to its modular design. This flexibility is perfect for phased projects or when new equipment is added to a roof.


What do I need to provide for a GrateSafe® quote?

  • Roof Type: Let us know your roof type (e.g., 24″ Standing Seam, 12″ R-Panel Screw Down, 16″ Vertical Standing Seam). If you have the make and model of the roof panel, that’s all we need.
  • Length of Walkway: Tell us how long you need the walkway. This includes lengths both parallel and perpendicular to the roof seams or high ribs.
  • Walkway Width: Our walkways come in 12″ increments. The most common widths are 24″ or 36″ for access paths, while platform widths can vary.
  • Handrail Needs: Do you need handrails? Specify if they’re required on one or both sides of the walkway and if there are specific sections where they’re needed.
  • Pitch Correction: We offer pitch correction for walkways running perpendicular to the roof seams when the slope is steeper than 2:12.
  • Toe Kick Board: If you need a toe kick board (a 6″ high guard to stop objects from rolling off the roof), please mention it.

What warranty comes with GrateSafe®?

We provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our roof catwalk systems.

Can the roof catwalk system include structural calculations?

Yes, we can arrange for a trusted third-party engineering firm to provide calculations for OSHA compliance. This is an additional fee-based service.

How long will it take to receive my GrateSafe® system?

Delivery times depend on the order size. Here are some general guidelines: small orders (0-500 lineal feet) within 1-2 weeks, medium orders (500-1,500 lineal feet) in 2-3 weeks, and larger orders (over 1,500 lineal feet) around 4 weeks. We always consider your project timeline to ensure timely delivery.

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“…Price was right and they delivered on time. I wished I would have found them years ago. Easy to work with.”

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“We use R&S a lot. Great customer service, sales team is great and very knowledgeable. If we ever have an issue, they are always right there to help us out.”

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“…the only time I’ve ever been disappointed are the very few times when project specifications required me to purchase elsewhere. R&S is absolutely the best in the industry.”

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