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Roof Walkways & Handrails

GrateSafe Metal Roof Walkway System

R&S Metal Roof Walkways give safe access to rooftop equipment and prevent roof panel damage from foot traffic. The R&S GrateSafe Metal Roof Walkway System uses interlocking 18-gauge galvanized steel anti-slip grating, supports, fasteners and optional handrail that fits any metal roof panel. S-5! Clamps secure the walkway system to standing seam roofs with no penetrations required. Panel Rib applications use custom fabricated supports to meet any rooftop condition. Handrail may be included on one or both sides of the walkway. Various widths, pitch-correction and 6″ high steel kick-board is also available.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – R&S provides end-to-end order support from design to fabrication and delivery. As the direct manufacturer, customers can expect to receive the highest quality materials at the most competitive rates.

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