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Removable Curb Lid

Removable Lids for Industrial Buildings

For access to large equipment inside industrial buildings, the R&S Removable Curb Lid is the solution. Lids are fabricated to integrate with an R&S roof curb, or curb by others. I-Beam construction and cross-members provide industry-leading rigidity and strength. Lid tolerance is 10 PSF and can be engineered to meet heavier load conditions.  Maximum lid size is 10′ x 20′.

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Material 14 GA Steel Frame/I-Beams
040 Aluminum Top Sheeting
22 GA Interior Liner (Insulated Lids Only)
1″ Rigid Insulation (R 7.2 typ.)
Rubber Bulb Gasket
Mounting / Lifting Hardware
Construction Vertical seam aluminum lid sheeting
Mitered and welded frame
Bulb gasket inner perimeter of lid
Insulated or non-insulated
Dimensions & Weights 12′ x 15′ max opening
6″ – 8″ typical height
Approximately 8.5 LBS / SF
Finish Aluminum mill finish
Powder coat (standard colors or custom)
Kynar (exact match)
Tolerance 10 PSF live load
10 PSF uplift
May be engineered for higher load tolerance
Certifications Engineering calcs (additional costs apply)
Warranty 1 Year

Industrial Lid Model Guide

Curb priced separately

Model LxW Insulation Finish
  • Y: Insulated
  • X: Not Insulated
  • M: Mill
  • P: Powder Coat
  • K: Kynar



Approximate Weights

Type 5′ x 10′ 10′ x 10′ 10′ x 15′
Insulated Lid 515 LBS 700 LBS 1,000 LBS
Non-Insulated Lid 475 LBS 650 LBS 935 LBS


Product Description Model Submittal Specifications Installation Warranty
Insulated Removable Lid LID-Y PDF PDF
Non-Insulated Removable Lid LID-X PDF PDF

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